About Us


JustPassion is a website that shares knowledges in the field of project management and information technology. In addition to information technology knowledges, we also bring to our readers the sharing of experiences and skills required to work and life.



In our opinion, we think that each project is the effort we put into to be able to create and achieve new values. We believe that our lives are made up of projects, and the way we manage these “projects” will determine our success in life. Knowledge of project management is necessary for all of us, not only in the field of information technology,  but also in all other areas of our life. Each of us can become a successful manager for the “projects” of our lives. With the above belief, we consider sharing with readers the latest and most useful knowledge about project management as our mission.


Focusing on project management, the articles on the website are organized under four major topics, including:

  • Project Management.
  • Agile methodology.
  • Technology.
  • Personal development.


As a companion, through our articles, we hope that our readers will receive the following values:

  • The latest and most useful knowledges about project management.
  • Experiences, skills required to work and life.
  • The spirit of learning, discovering and renewing yourself.